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Family on floor in living-roomSaveOnInsurance offers the lowest quotes because we include every term insurance company! Other sites only include the companies who pay the highest commissions.  When we perform a search, we compare over 150 different term life insurance providers.

Term life insurance offers the most affordable life insurance coverage for your family. The purpose of term life insurance is to be sure that if you die, your family will be financially secure.  Term life insurance offers life insurance protection for a set period of time, or a term, and most often is sold as a 10, 20, 30, or 40 year term life insurance policy.

During the duration of the policy’s term, the monthly or annual premiums remain the same.  If during the term period the insured person dies, the beneficiary will receive the proceeds from the policy tax-free.

Whenever your term is reached (the end of the term), the insured can renew the policy, however this generally will be at a higher premium or fee, up until age 95.

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